Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lifes a beach...

Oh my, where to start. We've had a big big day. Our goal today was to get up and find the place that rents those three wheeled bikes you ride on the beach. So, in the interest of fitting fitness into our fun, we walked two miles into Cannon Beach to find that both of the bike shops are closed... for this week... of all the luck. So, we walked around and shopped a little. We purchased a frisbee to play with on the beach, though we didn't end up using it. Right now the wind is howling and the bad weather is rolling in. 

But wait, lets back up. After shopping we walked the two miles back, had a snack and then got in the car and drove 10 miles to sea side where we knew there was another bike shop. It was closed. So we went up the street to another place. It wasn't technically open, but they said their other shop was open. But, they didn't have the bikes we wanted. So, they ended up being super nice and letting us rent the bikes from there. They didn't have their registers open so they took us the in the electric Sponge Bob Mobile to the bank to get cash. 

We had to walk to the bikes a few blocks to the beach, then down over the dry sand into the wet sand. It actually took me a couple tries to get going. I didn't realize how much balance it would take to make a three wheeled bike to straight. :) Once we finally got going, we had a blast! The wind was blowing really hard though, and it actually made it really hard to pedal. We rode against the wind all the way up the beach as far as we could go, then coasted back down, literally blown by the wind, all the way back to the other side. We over shot the access point and had to pedal back up against the wind again.

Right at that point... my chain fell off! We had to pick up and walk all the way back up the beach and back to the bike store. By then we were so pooped we decided to just be done and find some food. 

We went to Pig 'n a Pancake. Not the classiest restaurant, and definitely getting dated, but "when in Rome..." (It's a staple of Sea Side, OR) I have to say though, the pancakes were pretty awesome. I had way too many. 

Then we walked around a bit after food. Every time I go to Seaside I remember why I don't like seaside. It's all candy shops and junky gift shops. I much prefer shopping in Cannon Beach. In fact I think we might go back into town on our way home tomorrow. 

Well that's it for now. Time to go dump the sand out of my shoes and take a really long hot shower, or just hang out in the jacuzzi in our room. Ahhh....

P.S. I have some photos and video but the internet is soooooo slow here, so it will have to wait until I can get home. 


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