Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the love of kickboxing

Alright, I have to share with you all my new obsession. Muay Tai Kickboxing. This has the potential to replace dance for me if I had the desire to do something with it other than just use it as a workout. I have no desire to hit or be hit by someone. I'm really quite a wimp when it comes to that. I act all tough and like being strong and hitting hard, but one good bop that hurts and I stop having fun. Plus I don't really need any more bruises than i already give myself. But for a workout, it's serious fun and is getting me into shape faster than anything I've ever done. 

I would like to think that in the last few years I've become pretty fit. But I've never been able to fully tone up my left over tummy from being overweight for most of my life. Dancing every day is what keeps me at a good weight but even with that, and going to the gym, and 3 hour salsa classes I've still had to work really hard to stay thin. And I've never ever been willing to wear a bikini or two piece salsa costume. 

Last month I was supposed to perform with my salsa group and I had to wear my first two piece costume.  For 8 weeks I counted calories obsessively and got in any extra exercise that I could on top of what I was already doing. I lost a couple pounds, it was noticeable to me and hubs (a pleasant surprise for him upon returning from an underway), but I still didn't feel ready to put it out there.

Three weeks ago I started kickboxing and have been dancing much much less (salsa's on kind of a break right now). HOLY CRAP! Not only is it totally fun, I've already lost what I gained back (when I found out I would not being performing and treated myself to everything I wasn't able to eat for the two months before) and gone past that and noticed some new ab definition I've never had before. Without a doubt if i keep this up I'll have a bikini worthy tummy by summer. 

The best part is that you can really scale it fit your fitness level and how you're doing that day. Even if you can't hit hard you just keep going, just make yourself sweat. I've been at the end of class doing mountain climbers and all I can do at that point is just move my feet, but I'm sweating and I'm burning a ton of calories. I also have more energy, sleep better, am getting stronger all over my body, and all that good stuff that comes with exercise. Also, it's like a little community there. Everyone is encouraging and motivating and just good friends. It's a good place to be physically and spiritually/emotionally.

Next month they are starting a saturday Capoeira class. I am very excited about this. It "is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, music, and dance." Everybody raves about the core strength and flexibility you get from it. Besides being another great workout option I think it could help with my dancing. 

If you need a motivating workout, or just something different I think you should try this out! You can go to to find a place in your area, or open the phonebook. Just make sure you check out the legitimacy of the instructor. There are some who are just barely qualified, or not at all qualified to be teaching this stuff. You want to be safe and learn it correctly. I do it at a martial arts gym and the instructors are highly qualified in the field. 

Well, I didn't really think this post would be this long. I guess I am really excited about this!


  1. I got into the shape of my life while we were in Charleston studying shotokan karate. I didn't think I would ever like martial arts, but I fell IN LOVE with it (plus, we found an excellent dojo in Goose Creek). I totally agree that sometimes people need to do something different to ramp up their workouts, and you might actually find something you never knew you liked! :)

  2. Glad you found something you enjoy doing. Cool that B gets to do it with you too when he is here. I think I know someone that used to do Capoeira, if it is what I am thinking about, you will definitely feel it. Wish I had as much determination as you.