Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This weekend we:

Got a costco card: Yea, but.... seriously? You can't use a credit card unless it's American Express. BS i say! BS! I had to put everything on my debit card instead of the house card, because while it's a bank card, I don't have pin number for it so I have to run it as credit. So, we couldn't go hog wild picking up a bunch of stuff because just didn't have enough in my checking account to cover it. Next time. We'll go Costco crazy next time.

Almost got Looked at a kitty: We stopped by Petsmart to look at their shelter cats. We have been toying with the idea of getting a friend for our kitty. We saw a really sweet small calico named Waltz, which for us is perfect since we are ballroom dancers. She was a little shy but loved scritches. In the end we weren't ready to make the decision and are also looking more for a boy since the advice has been that female cats get along better with male cats because female cats fight for dominance.

Bought a couch: Yippy! We didn't really mean to. We have been needing one since we moved in. Just the convenience of being able to plop down and chill in the living room has been been lost on us for the last few weeks. So it's either sit on the one chair at the counter or go into the bedroom. We have a TV and pay for cable but haven't used it for more than 30 minutes cause well, we can't sit down. So, Saturday on the way to Costco, I suggested we stop by the furniture store that was having a "liquidation" sale. (Ok, I really suggested this to delay going to Costco. I hate shopping in crowded places. Costco shoppers are crazy and pushy) We ended up falling in love with this awesome soft sectional but decided to go home and measure just to make sure it would fit. It did not fit. At all. Sad face. So we went back later and picked out another one in the same fabric but as just a sofa. It will be delivered in about three weeks. Long time to wait to sit down, but we got it at a really good price.

Had dinner with Pop: We hung out with Pop and S. He made his famous Swedish meatballs, which are awesome. Afterward we had plans to go out but Monkey ended up in a "gluten coma" just as we got home and the caffeine from his Dr. Pepper wore off. He completely crashed. Out like a light. He turned down cookies but we didn't even think about what was in the sauce on the meatballs. I guess we were just both so excited to eat them, because like I said, they are awesome. Oops.

Saw the Green Hornet: It was pretty good, I thought. I've heard other people say they didn't like it but it made us laugh and the action was decent. I didn't think it was worth it to see it in 3D, though. There wasn't really anything that called for it. The previews were made for 3D but it didn't do anything for the movie. I actually particularly liked the villain and his mid-life crisis he was going through.

Cooked with Curry: While at Costco we found some curry powder. I've only had curry a couple of times and really liked it so I thought we'd give a try at cooking with it. We decided we'd make a curry sauce to go with some chicken and rice. Weellll.... it's kind of ended up being curry slurry so we mixed it with the rice. It tasted fine, it just wasn't what we intended. We'll try again when we have something we can thicken it with. On the way to the movie we became self conscious that we were going to be "those people" who go eat Indian food and then unknowingly smell like it the rest of the night. I think we were ok, but then I don't think the people who smell like food ever know that they smell like food. I hope we didn't.

Wow, that's a lot for two and a quarter days. We were really busy. We would have added kickboxing in there but we overslept on Saturday morning, waking up 30 minutes before the class started. Oh well, more cuddle time.


  1. I get so frustrated with Costco! We don't have an AmEx card and don't want to get one. It's a pain!

  2. The AmEx policy at Costco can be super frustrating, but I guess it keeps me from overspending ;)

  3. Costco is just about the only place I need a checkbook. How 1980s is that? They need to get with the times and start accepting major credit cards!

    And congrats on the new couch! Going without a couch is harder than it seems. :)

  4. i love Costco :X haha you and your hubby are wayyy adorable :D