Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Boohoo and a Hooyah - Week 5

Happy Tuesday Bloggers. Time to sum up your highs and lows into one quick, fun, short format blog post.

Simply tell us about something that's not been going right, and then follow it up with something positive. Pick your battle cry depending on your branch, or give a good 'ol "Booyah" if you're civilian!

I love reading these! Link up and link back. Spread the word; the more link ups, the more fun it is! 

Boohoo: I woke up this morning with the sore throat and ear ache thing that's been going around. I haven't been sick in soooo long. I think all the stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up to me. 

Hooyah:Went out with friends last night. It's always nice to break routine and get out of the apartment. I DEVOURED some totally bad for me, though utterly tasty, chicken strips and french fries from Stanfords. Yumm! Beats the third meal of Turkey chilli I was about to go home at eat. 

Ok, now I want to hear from you! How are things going for you right now?

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