Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursday 5

I recently had a Fascinating character from my past pop back up out of the blue. Haven't quite decided how I'm going to handle it. We didn't exactly part ways on good terms.

I had a pleasant few days with my Monkey, even though my Monkey to bored ratio was very low.
I may seem sweet and innocent at most times, but I am apparently quite the trouble maker.
Still nomming on the sensational bbq leftovers from Sunday night. They were for the hubs, but he didn't have time to eat all of it before we had to check out of the hotel so I took them home to continue the enjoyment.
Finally coming home to my poor lonely kitty was heartwarming. She really missed her mama.

Don't forget to link up for this week's "A Boohoo & A Hooyah... or Hooah, or Oorah". It's new and it's fun!

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  1. mmmm bbq leftovers are the best. We have so many sides left...I can't eat them fast enough!