Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Boohoo and a Hooyah

Good morning bloggers! It is Tuesday, and that means it's time for "A Boohoo and Hooyah"!
A short format way to talk about something that's not going well this week and then follow it up with something positive. Super easy, right? Just fill in your appropriate battle cry depending on your branch and lets get linkin'!

Boohoo: Last night was my last night with Monkey up here. Back to the apartment all alone for me for a while.

Hooyah: At least we (should) have webcam now. He'll have leave soon and he'll get to come home, then he'll have weekends off again. Things will be back to "normal".

Okey dokey, your turn!


  1. Aww, transitioning back to alone time is the worst. Glad that you'll have webcam though! :)

  2. I really do love this I hope more people start linking up :)

  3. Whoops! Thanks for pointing out the link problem - it's fixed now! :)