Monday, May 16, 2011

A delicious failure.

So, while it still seems like forever away, it is getting down to crunch time. Monkey will be home soon...ish... But, it's close enough that I'm trying to be good and workout extra hard and try to get in a little better shape work off the pity-party weight I gained, before he gets back. 

I was doing so well, getting back into a healthy food routine, kicking up the workouts a little bit. And then Sunday happened. :) After most of a day of sitting on the couch watching netflix (though in my defense I did do most of a back and ab workout video), I had a hankering for some chicken and mushroom pizza. Not too bad of a "treat". So I got online to order from our favorite tasty pizza place. Turns out they have a $15 minimum food order. I should have just gone with a larger pizza. Instead I went with a small pizza, an order of garlic bread, and an order of cinnamon rolls. And I mean, since I ordered it, I had to eat it! 

So, there I sat, alone on the couch watching a crappy movie, feeling like a lazy glutton, enjoying every last bite of it. Whatever. It's was delicious. And NOW, I start getting back into shape. At least I have Muay Thai today. I'll be working my sodium and sugar laden rear-end a little extra hard today.

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  1. I think we've all sat on our couches, eating a whole pizza and sides, at one point in time. I'm pretty sure it's one of the deployment emotional stages you go through. :) Don't beat yourself up- your hubby will just be so thrilled to see you when he gets home!