Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey! I think he did make it! I looked and looked on three different lists and couldn't find his name! It just didn't make sense. He had a must promote so he would have had to have totally bombed in order to not make it. I FINALLY found his name under ETV! I've never seen his rate that way. It's always ET (Usually), or I've heard him say ET NAV or NAV ET... I finally just did a word search of his name on the page for the rank he should have been moving in to and there it was!!! Yea! Go Monkey!


  1. Congratulations to your husband! How exciting! We'll be finding out in the next month or so if my husband picks up too. It'll be a big surprise if he does because of his length at current rank {not even 2 yrs yet.} Promotions are always such a great thing for the service members! :-)

  2. yay!!! Congratulations to him :)