Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The [possibly] newest member of our family!

Hey guys, meet Tango! The [possibly] newest member of our family!
If you remember back to "The Great Kitty Debacle" , we've been contemplating getting a friend for our poor lonely kitty since we got our own place and she's been stuck at home alone all day. Monkey isn't 100% sold on the idea. He is very particular about the temperament of his kitties. Basically he wants a fluffy minion to follow him around and cuddle with him always and just be adorable. Therefore, he hates my cat. She is quite particular about when and where you can cuddle her. And when she's done, she's done. His eye ball found that out the hard way a while back.

Anyway, we've been looking long and hard for a younger male kitty for her since we think this will suit the maternal instincts of her breed very well. We searched all the shelters but there were no boys, or they were too old, or they were supposed to go to single pet households. But, a few weeks ago my Ballet teacher's daughter's cat had a second litter of kittens for the season and they were mostly boys!!! So, I laid tentative claims on the single grey one. He's so adorable!

Now, Monkey is still on the fence about the whole situation, but come on girls... we all know that if our man is teetering on the fence it only takes some eye batting and sweet talking to push him over the edge. :) Plus, Monkey LOVES kitties, so I'm pretty much certain this is in the bag. I just have to wait for him to get back to make a final decision. (Which will be "yes" the second he holds this little guy.)

So, about the name, in case you were wondering. While we were looking at shelter kitties, we came across this beautiful girl who's name was Waltz. As soon as we saw that we knew this was the cat for us, being that we are both ballroom dancers. But alas, regardless of the fact that we really wanted a male, she was supposed to go to a single pet home. So, we resolved that when we get our boy kitty, we would give him another dance name, but a more boy-like dance name. Thus, Tango. Plus, it's doubly appropriate being that he's coming into a military family. :)

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  1. OMG! So cute. My son will be a total sucker for that face..;) I say you just bring him home and tell Monkey if he doesnt want to keep him you can give him back lol. No way he will. Way too cute.

  2. Kittens are so adorable and the name Tango is so cleaver.

  3. our scottie dog is named tango! It isn't a common name for a pet but there is something about it that just works :)

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Cute cute cute cute! And I love the name too! We rescued two little puppies of our own, and though they are a bit difficult at times, they make us so so happy too!


  5. Awe what a sweet kitty!! Thanks for linking up!