Monday, May 23, 2011

Advancement Lists

The navy advancement lists come out today for the March cycle. But there are too many people trying to access the documents at once and it won't load! Aahhhh.... I want to know!
I think i will take a shower to distract myself. I'll hopefully find out later this morning!

Finally got it to load. I didn't see his name. :( 
Or, I was looking in the wrong place. I guess I'll have to wait until he gets back to know for sure.


  1. WOOO! My husband is taking his promotion photo this afternoon; I'm a little antsy myself to find out if he's getting promoted!

  2. Do you "like" Navy Advancement Center on Facebook? They are posting up results by rate and rank.

  3. I was going crazy too, but I checked out the Facebook page and he advanced! Yay!!! Hope you find out soon!

  4. Good luck! I hope your hubby advanced!

  5. I just read your "about us" posts and my husband is a NavET on a submarine as well...well, he used to be...he's now an ANAV, i.e. Assistant Navigator...he works directly for the Navigator, but he used to be a NavET. What a small world in the sub force!

  6. Good Luck!!! Hope you got good news!! :D :D :D