Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Boohoo and a Hooyah - Week 2

Alrighty, well I'm pretty pleased with last weeks turnout considering it was the very first one. Thank you all for linking up and giving some awesome shout outs!

So let's proceed with week two, shall we?

Here's the drill:
It's called, "A Boohoo and a Hooyah - or Hooah, or Oorah". Basically, a short format way to vent about something that's not quite going right (or just plain going horribly for that matter), and follow it up with something positive or something that is going right at the moment. Fill in your appropriate battle cry depending on your branch. If you're civilian, pick whichever you like or you can go with the always popular "Booyah!"

I'm leaving it open all week so if you're joining us mid week, please jump in! I make a point to check and read and comment. :)

Boohoo: The couple of short emails that I have received lately have all been pretty much bad news.
Hooyah: Had a great time at an MMA workshop over the weekend and am sporting a couple new bruises to show for it. Don't worry, I'm not all hardcore or anything. It was mostly technique and drills, all hand to hand. Don't wanna mess up my face just before Monkey gets home anyway. :)

Okey dokey, your turn! 

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  1. Sorry for all the bad news emails :( Hope you get some good news soon!