Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monkey Mail

After what has felt like freakin' forever, I finally received some Monkey Mail. I have to say, I was a little disappointed, they were very short and contained absolutely no good news. In fact were particularly bad new. ug.... 
Well, anyway...
Hey you,
I don't have much time, people are in line to use this computer. The past few days have been really busy due to our inspection. [...]When we dropped them off we picked up 7 midshipmen, girls. So we have to try and maintain political correctness for the rest of the patrol because they are riding back into port with us. Which also means we have to shave.
Anyways, we are ALMOST DONE! Im so excited to get home and see you again. I have bad news though. I think that i have first day duty. Which means that i will pull the boat in and have to stay on the boat that night. So, hang on with the hotel thing until i know for sure. Turn-over is likely to be a hell unto itself just due to the fact that its so short. I think we get one day off after turn-over is complete then its back to work until they take the boat back to sea.

Love you beautiful.

I got a mail drop but havent had a chance to open it yet.
 The second email was just that is phone is completely broken which will of course make it difficult to know when he finally gets off the boat since I won't see him because of duty when they get back. 

Now I am very cranky. 

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