Thursday, May 19, 2011

My very short and slightly odd encounter with a homeless man just now.

Wow, so let me tell you what just happened to me:

I was sitting in the park on my lunch break, because it's awesome and sunny outside, and this very dirty very toothless homeless man comes up and asks if he can sit by me. I said ok. He starts talking to me and tells me that he was just trying to help these two other homeless people. He went into some building to try and get them food stamps, and when he came out, half the stuff in his backpack was gone. So now he needed to "settle down so he doesn't end up back in jail." At this point I notice that he's smoking what's left of a joint. He then shakes my hand and tells me his name which didn't register. He was really frazzled. A minute later he says "Well, i need to go drink a beer and settle down." As he walks away he turns around and says "Oh by the way. In case anyone asks, woo woo.. um I can't whistle."  

Gotta love Vantucky! And now I smell a little bit like refer.

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