Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monkey Mail - and a meme?

If you haven't already, go check out my previous post (after reading this one, of course). I am thinking about starting a meme so I'm gauging interest. Thanks!

Now, on with the fun stuff! No sooner did I write my Boohoo about not hearing from Monkey for over a week, than two sailor mails trickled into my inbox!!!  I guess somebody knew that a certain Sailor's Wife could really use some news right about now. :) 

So, here you go. Excerpts from Monkey Mail:

25 April
I have been up for 44 hours... on one hour of sleep. booo. Not quite the easter i was wanting... I did get your card though! thank you, love you and miss you.

[Sailor R] goofed up a phone that he repaired so while he was sleeping i was called in to fix that phone and the two others that were subsequently impaired. then i showered and went to bed. Then my chief had me racked out to do this maintenance procedure that i had intended on doing tonight. This particular procedure takes about 6 hours so having been racked out at 6, getting some help from a buddy and skipping that buddy and another's dolphin ceremony, i barley finished with enough time to eat lunch before i had to relieve the watch. I was not pleased. 
Anyways... once i had the caffeine and it kicked in the day turned a little better. I argued with the OOD about atmosphere control because i feel like i know more about it seeing as how its kind of MY JOB.

{There was a very amusing story about a wayward icyhot patch. But, I'm not sure he would want me to share it with everyone so it has been omitted.} :)

Anyways... I feel like something else mildly entertaining happened today but i cant remember what it was.

I just wanted to send you an email[...]. I love you so much. i miss you. I think about you every day, the pictures of you i have on my phone just make me crazy.

Love you so much!
Keep writing!
Hey beautiful one!

Thank you for the box. The jerky was awesome and the little eggs made me smile.{Amongst other goodies, I had filled little plastic eggs each with a reason I loved him}

[...]was pretty fun. It ended up being two days. We made... what are they called. little cars that go down the track.. I can't remember what that is called for some reason... Well anyways. Some of us made little derby cars to race on [...]. My division (mostly consisting of myself and ET1) made one for our division and we called it "[Monkey's] Revenge" ET1's idea. Because "It too will slide down the missile compartment".{In reference to exploits from last underway that were never posted because(though quite funny)he kinda got in some trouble over them} We used the rings that hold elements into our sound-powered telephones as our tires, stuffed the ends of chart tube inside of that to make the wheel. Then we pop-riveted the center and used pen shafts to make an axle. Our axle wells we gauge cal. T junctions that we stuffed graphite (from a couple pencils) into to make it really slick. The the part that connected the two T junctions was able to twist so we kinda had suspension. It was pretty much awesome. Unfortunately [Sailor R] decided to hammer one of the chart tube ends into the tire and bent it all up so our front tires were a little wobbly. The wobble turned into a slight dodge to the right. So I attached a sail to it to compensate which ended up making it dodge to the left. I added lock-wire bumpers to the front and back to protect it from impact on the stopping block at the end of the track or from missile tubes it might hit on the way down.

{I'm also omitting this humorous, though possibly incriminating(of a non-serious nature), conquest.} [...]Its good to be the king.

I miss you so bad!Have some good news and some bad news. The bad [...]. The good news is that through a game during half-way night; I earned my division a day off during the off-crew. So that's an extra day with you which i am very much looking forward to. I can't wait to see you.

OOOHHH! Im no longer Dinq! BOOYAH! Finished my interview with the Eng. Now I am one of very few in my division not on the dinq list. I'm working on Radar right now which is a slightly intimidating qualification for some reason - mostly because it seems so foreign to me.. I haven't had a lot of face time with the radar so even though i think i could operate it effectively for the most part, i feel like i don't know anything about it.

Anyways, I think we are about to do some training so i will end this novel here. I miss you Ducky. Love you so much!

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