Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super-wife saves the day.

I know I still owe you details from my crazy crazy day. I'm still working up the energy to do that. But, let me tell you about my day today. Because it's just as awesome (well kinda) and much shorter.

Today, I am super wife. As you may have heard, Monkey made second class. So, he needs all his new devices sewn on his uniforms. They have been giving him a hard time about being out of uniform. But come on, he just got off the boat YESTERDAY! They got back Thursday but he was stuck with first night duty. I told him I would sew them on by hand, but then after looking at it decided that it was just not going to happen. If I had a sewing machine I would be all over it. But I would kill myself trying to do that by hand.

So, I went to the uniform shop today and got him a new set of NWU's and even managed to get him a pair of in-between sized pants that weren't on the regular shelf. (Thank you counter lady) I told the lady at the counter that they were giving him a hard time about his uniform and she arranged to have his name tapes made and everything sewn on Today! I'm still waiting for the uniform shop to call and say it's done, but assuming it all works out, I am totally super wife today! Now, if I could only figure out how to get him a hair cut tonight. (Which he badly needs) I even noticed that it's way too long. He was let out early yesterday to take care of his hair and uniform, but was too excited to see me and didn't make it before the shop and barber closed.

Oh, and I did all this and had time to go to the salon for a little hair refresh.
Took off about 3 inches of damaged junk on the ends. You can't see it well, but I got some long bangs. And, I went a bit darker. I love it. Next time I think I'll make the bangs shorter. I was scared. I guess I'm easing into them.

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  1. your hair looks cute and yay for being super wife! so glad your mr is home!