Thursday, October 27, 2011

I don't even know what to title this.

Man, where to start. It's been a hectic few weeks and a crazy last few days.

I've been running around in every free second that I had getting everything I needed for all my super-stealthy-wife-surprises that I've been working on. I cannot reveal them yet because I haven't given them to him. But, I have taken pictures and there (probably) will be sharing.

Two are done. The other is almost done, but has been giving me grief from the very beginning. It has taken me four times longer than I anticipated. I'm about 40+ hours into it. And if I could finish it the way I wanted to it would be another few hours on top of that. Unfortunately, my entry-level equipment can't handle this project. So, I have to finish it using a less than desirable (for my OCD) method. Already I've had to fore go a really cool feature because I didn't anticipate the characteristics of my sub-straight. (Am I being vague enough here?) So, because time is an issue and I'm going for quality over quantity, I had to leave it off. I might be able to add it on later, but it's not quite the same.

AND on top of all that personal rah rah, I've had a crazy crazy crazy last couple of days at work. One of our project managers up and left with no notice and it seems a bunch of account info and files went with him right before some big client deadlines. So, we're all in the midst of sorting that out. Also, it happened to be the last week that we had our freelance production artist in-house, and our creative director was out of the office at an event, so all of the crazy landed in my lap. 

Things have finally calmed down today. I have tonight to finish my stealthy-wife present. Deep breaths. 

More updates about other things are scheduled for later. I'll be back on here more coming up.


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