Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogging Backlog - Bang Bang

It was pointed out to me yesterday that my last post was a while ago, and not very exciting. So, I'll take this lull at work to make some progress on the backlog of stuff I have to tell you all about.

Lets back up to.. oh... a month or so ago. Monkey and his friends decided that they wanted to go shooting. I really wanted no part of it at all. I don't like guns. Nope, I just don't. Especially the ones that have no other purpose but to kill other people. Never really got the appeal of it. And honestly just a little afraid of them.

 A slew of various shooting apparati were brought. As were posters of the least liked over-rated teen sensations of the day, to be used as targets. After the field was set up the boys began shooting and having a good time. Inevitably the smaller, less intimidating, weapons were offered up to the girls. At first they were refused, but as it seemed it would be a long day, eventually we were persuaded by our various escorts.

(I should have written this when the names of all this stuff was fresh in my mind)
I started off with a wee little revolver that was straight out of some old timey western. It sounded like a cap gun. Quite amusing. From there I was gradually stepped up to things that kicked harder and made bigger bangs. Eventually, the head gun connoisseur busted out this bad-boy. (See pic below)
A Smith & Wesson 450. That's a BIG @$$ gun! Looks like something out of a futuristic western movie.
I was like WTH! I might as well be bad-ass and be the first of the girls to do this. It was pretty hilarious invigorating. See video below of me shooting this big ol' gun like a little teeny girl (who has no idea what she's doing) My favorite part is how they all scatter when they realize what I'm holding. Let me point out that I am fully aware of how pathetically I am holding it until I actually go to shoot it. Let's keep in mind that it's weighs almost 5 lbs and it's all in front of your hand. I couldn't hold it up and pull the thingy back (yeah, thingy. You know what I'm talking about) at the same time.

 Let me know if it doesn't play. I have it set to private, so I'm not sure if it will embed or not. 

So, after shooting that thing, everything else was way less intimidating. I ended up shooting a variety of handguns, rifles, a shot gun. I actually had fun. I can see why people like to shoot now. However, I still don't like guns. But I'm glad I had that experience. 


  1. I love this video. It makes me smile everytime. That gun is RIDICULOUS!

  2. Wow, that gun is huge. I am surprised it didn't throw you on your butt lol.