Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm cranky, and unmotivated.

I have soo many posts to catch up on. (It seems like all my posts have started like this lately)

No excuses. I just haven't felt like engaging my brain lately. No real reason. Maybe it's the rain, maybe it's pms... I dunno, anyway...

Shopping and what-not:
This weekend I turned 29. I was planning to do a big 30 before 30 for my 300th blog post (which is this one) but I could only come up with 5 things that I should do before 30. Sure, there are a million things that I can put on a bucket list like sky diving, bungee jumping, etc. But, I don't need to do them before I'm 30. So, I'm either really unambitious or my life is more buttoned up than I think... maybe a combination of both? 

Ok, but lets talk about funner (yes, "funner") things. I treated myself to a little birthday shopping spree. I picked up a few cute casual dresses for when the sun finally comes out around these parts. (We seem to be the only place that isn't getting that freak heat wave.) And a couple of new tops. Also, I picked up a new gown for the Sub ball in a couple of weeks. There is a long story that goes with that, but long story short... I should have checked my dress when I picked it up from the seamstress the second time... because she ruined it. *angry face* But, hey at least it fit. It is fixable, I just don't feel like putting any more energy into it.  So, I'll put the energy into having this new dress taken in and hemmed.

I a teensy bit concerned about the appropriateness of the see-though illusion part on the top. But, hubby assures me it's fine. Anyway, it was made for 7ft tall person so I have to find someone to take it up and take it in on the top because they only had two left and the smallest one is a couple inches too big.  

Monkey's Man-spa experience:
A while back I bought a groupon package for Monkey. It was a haircut, straight razor shave, with a scalp massage, drink of choice (coffee, beer, or a shot!), cigar, and take home hair product. I figured he could use a decent haircut after a long string of terrible on-base-barbershop trips. At first he didn't want to get the shave, but I told him he should do it just for the experience. Afterwards  he seemed impress with how smooth his face was. He has thick black facial hair so he doesn't ever get a really smooth shave and it never lasts for more than a couple hours. I'm not sure if he enjoyed it or not, but I enjoyed watching it. He was impressed that they guy cutting his hair took so much time and paid so much attention to detail. And I have to say, it's a pretty darned good haircut! He said he would go back when he was out of the navy. When his haircut matters more. 

Dance Dance Dance
We actually got to dance three days this weekend! Friday night we went to our old dance studio for their monthly social dance. It was a challenge getting there on time, but it was really great to see old friends.

Saturday night, we went Salsa dancing for my birthday. I was soo cranky that night but wanted to have a fun time. I was also just really low energy so I was kind of particular about who I danced with, which I'm usually not. I'm not a dance snob like that. Except there was one person I almost walked away from because he was actually painful to dance with. In the end I got to dance with all my favorite leads so it was a success. 

He asked me "Why are you smiling?" "Because there's a guy right there with a camera and he's taking our picture for facebook."

Ok, my face looks dumb, but you can't see Monkey's face in the other picture. We're in the middle of a some fancy move here. BTW, doesn't he look so great in his new vest. I think he looks very dapper. :)

Then, Sunday night we had our West Coast Swing lesson. We were working on musicality. I was supposed to be "accenting the one"... I suck at "accenting" stuff. Which roughly translates to "do something cool here". That's why I like choreography. I don't have to make stuff up. It's something I've always had to work on. I'll get there. I managed to sneak in some cute stuff during the WCS social dance afterwards. We even spent a little bit of time in the ballroom dance room so I could wear the shoes I got for the upcoming sub ball to break them in a little bit and find where they're going to rub so I can (essentially) break in my feet for those shoes.

Well I think that's about it for this weekend.  I think I should talk about my fitbit next time. It's a seriously great and addicting fitness tool.

See ya!

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