Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dance, Dance!

A little over a year ago I put away my ballet slippers and put on a pair for boxing gloves. Since then I've missed those dirty pink slippers terribly. This week I finally got to put them back on. It was amazing. Painful, but amazing!

On Thursday I took my very first lyrical and contemporary classes. I had some time off of work and I wanted to try some new things. Saturday I was supposed to take a highly anticipated ballet class but ended up taking a hike up Mt. Hood with some friends instead. Monkey has the "weekend killer" Saturday duty so he's not home this weekend. So, this morning I got up early, had my oatmeal and made my way out to SW Portland for a beginner/intermediate ballet class that I found through Groupon. It was confusing, painful, and uterly fantastic! Oh my goodness I have lost so much, but it felt sooooo good to be back at the barre and out on the floor. I smiled the whole time. Afterwards there was a very beginner class so I stuck around for that one, too so I could work on some of the specific things that I couldn't do in the previous, faster paced class.

All in all I ended up spending two and a half hours dancing. Oh happy ballerina day! I can't wait for next week. :D

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  1. That is so awesome! I need to find a dance class around here, I miss it. Glad you had fun!