Saturday, August 4, 2012

Latest Shenanigans

So, I'm actually having a bit of trouble keeping up with both blogs, so I'm going to be a little bit lazy here. I'm going to make you click through. I'm sorry. But it will be worth it!

But first. Update on the neck situation:
I'm about 60% better than I was when I wrote that first post (that was a bad day). It's still really uncomfortable and I have about 70% mobility. If I move too fast it catches, and boy oh boy is that "uncomfortable". My chiropractor taped me up with some KT tape and it's doing wonders. At first I didn't think it was helping, so just before my last appt I took it off. It was also kind of starting to itch. I immediately regretted it. So, before I left her office I had her tape me back up. I wish I had someone here to tape me back up when these "racing stripes" eventually come off.

So, because of this bum neck situation, I haven't been able to workout out all week. Which means I'm going crazy. I have 3 more sessions on my parkour groupon and I can't go to that. I'm not even really supposed to go to ballet (though I might try it anyway, maybe beginner ballet or something).

BUT! I have been waiting for a good time to try out something called Wello. It's an online, one-on-one live video personal training session! How slick is that? I contacted Wello to see if they had someone who could work around my gimpy neck and they replied with great enthusiasm that they have trainers who specialize in physical therapy and recovery and specifically recommended a few of them. So in a few hours I have my first Wello session, which I plan to write a blog post about as well. 

So, all of this loops back around to the original point of this blog post. I hurt my neck because I was sore from my first Parkour class. Which I have written a post about on my new fitness blog FunkyFitnessPDX! (Btw, you should come follow me. I would love you for it. Aaand I might be doing a giveaway soon, soo.... )

Alright, that about covers everything. I'm broken, I'm bored, and I've been blogging! Check it! 
Oh, I guess in Navy news... umm... husband has Saturday duty so won't be seeing him for another week. Last month we saw each other for 4 days. And not even 4 straight days. Still have no idea when leave is supposed to be. Semper Gumby, Hooyah and stuff!

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