Monday, April 12, 2010

A new home for Monkey

Well, it was a great two weeks but as all good things do, they've come to an end. He's gone back to his new base.

It's actually quite a nice change for him. It's very nice up there. He's just outside of Springville or um Silverdale or something... which feels kind of like Beaverton. It's a good size with target, kohls, home depot, a mall etc. But it's not huge like Jacksonville.

He has a roomie for now but the room he's in is probably temporary. They didn't quite know what to do with him since they weren't expecting him and no one from his boat contacted him so he didn't really know where to go. Plus apparently his boats barracks are full and as is the geobach barracks to they're really strict with letting the guys be GB. This could get interesting. It'll all get sorted out this week.

We also had a bit of a hard time time getting my car on the base since I still have yet to get my military ID.
On the way out we ran into one of his buddies from school who he didn't know would be there. Turns out they're on the same boat and on the same crew! Also, he told us that their crew just got back so, that means we have a couple more months before he goes out.

Ok, that's all i have time for right now. Hopefully, B will update us on his first days there when he gets permanent digs and internet.

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