Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ETSN Bobblehead

So, I will be checking into my division tomorrow. I took the liberty of waltzing into their trainer today to say hello to everyone. SPAN is crazy when everybody is in it. I got to watch the whole 3-hour piloting evolution. There are tons of people in that room so the ANAV was trying to move me around and kept making such little adjustments that i just started moving my head opposite where he put me and he called be a bobblehead. Teehee

Not a whole lot today.... dont feel too great, cant find my water bottle.

Everyone i have talked to that is not a Nav is like "off-crew is so easy, we go home at 12 every day, its awesome!"

Everybody who is a Nav: "We do paperwork in the morning, and start our trainers at 12, and go until 4. Every day."

Damned lazy rates - all of them except mine! Why couldn't I have been a Radioman? They dont do much (if any) real work. Not in off-crew anyways.

I guess its all good though, at least i get to say I'm one of the elite.

ET Nav Baby! I will poke you with a compass and slap you with a sextant!

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