Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop lieing.... SIR!

So today i bumped into someone today who looked exactly like one of my RDC's (recruit division commander). I immediately called him by his name (what it thought was his name). He said "No, I'm Lieutenant Suchnsuch".

"Don't lie!"

He promptly gave me a loot like he was gonna kick my ass and pulled out is ID and gave it to me. Sure enough he was NOT who i thought he was. But he looks and sounds just like him - EXACTLY like him, even face to face.

Not a whole lot happening i guess, im stuck in some silly indoctrination classes where they sometimes make us do work deserving of a five-year-old. But its not so bad i guess. We get out pretty early. Its over on the Bremerton base where all the aircraft carriers are at. Its a very different culture, its all air rates there and though it seems like they know of each other they are not as tight-nit as submarine crews are. I can tell that even with limited exposure.

Been working out the past couple weeks. Soon i will be able to conquer the likes of Mr. Olympia. Put him in a headlock and make him call me "Daddy".

One downside to my current barracks it that the desks SUCK. Its a large drawer -basically- on which the door opens downward and stops at 90 degrees. This means my keyboard is really high up and i don't have a lot of space for my mouse. Luckily it IS just though, my mouse is very sensative so it doesn't need much.

Ducky performed her first haircut on me. Went pretty well I must say. Missed a couple hairs here and there but being her first time im gonna go ahead and give her a bravo-zulu.

My room here is temporary, there are some problems with geographic bachelors here so i might have to move out in town and find some roommates. Kinda dumb, but that what happens when a certain very high ranking government official -who is on track to increase our national debt TWICE what Bush did in 8 years- decides to cut the defense budget by 10%. I poop on you, sir - I poop hard.

Being able to come home on the weekends is totally boss. I love it already. Not too bad a drive, gonna put a lot of miles on my car though. Im alright with it. I think it will make it.

anyhoozle thats about all the time i have for right now.

By the way - for those of you who voted for the WONDERFUL man i mentioned above, you might be looking for evidence of his rather reckless shopping spree, I shall provide links.

Yes. Bravo, my blue children... Bravo.





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  1. OK, he had to be lying with a name like Suchnsuch, lol, there is no way that is his real name. He is there to spy on you.

    I think K did a great job on your hair.

    And some opinions should be kept in that beautiful mind of yours.

    Oh and for the record, just in case you are thinking I am a totaly ditz and really thought his name was Suchnsuch, I didnt...lol.

    Love you!