Friday, May 7, 2010

Let's see.. updates...

Hey everyone. It's been a while hasn't it. Now that he's been home (Yea!) on the weekends things aren't as big a mystery. But there are a couple things to talk about I suppose.

I gave him his second ducky hair cut. I think i am getting better but definitely need to work on the fade. We got a proper barber cape this time complete with the little paper neck thingys. I need to get some real sheers though, because the ones that came in the kit are poo. I think I may try a different technique next time. Of course, if I mess it up, we can just shave it off! ... jk

He got his qual card. The card that has a million little lines to get all the things he needs to know signed-off on. They have to get a certain number done per week and apparently the standard for doing this is to hand it to someone who can sign it and they just sign some. Well when Monkey handed his card to a Chief and it was handed back with signatures and he wasn't asked about what he was getting signed off for, he stopped the chief and told him that he didn't just want a signature. He wanted to learn this stuff. So, he worked out a deal involving a bribe of sugar free rockstars to actually be taught things before they were signed off on his card. I'm super proud of him! I think that's amazing. Go Monkey! :D

In more fun news, it seems that his division is planning a camping trip over the Memorial day weekend. It's for the div and family. Yay! So, pending final details, it looks like we're in for a cool weekend. I'm excited meet the guys he'll be stuck with in steel tube for three months at a time. Now to get a two person tent... and sleeping bags... and ummm... every thing.

That's all for now. Have a great sunny weekend!

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  1. Awe, I am proud of him too, he is cool like that. So if you ever need to get anything for the hair and you are going to Sally's, I get a discount for being an MT so let me know.

    Bummed to see you wont be here for Memorial day weekend cuz I wanted you guys to come to Jenni's with us but maybe next time. We are doing something on the 4th, but I am guessing B might not be here. Maybe we will just have to plan a BBQ or something someday. They want to meet you and I know you will get a kick out of Clint. He is like Brandon times 10.