Monday, May 24, 2010


Camping was fun! Kinda cold, a little wet (VERY wet on the last morning), but very fun. Everyone was really cool. It was great to meet some of the guys he'll be working with.
In typical sailor style, there was drinking. Surprisingly, mostly wine. Or, "whahne" (uh.. like 'wine' with a really ridiculous drunken french accent) as it became known by a third of the way through a gallon of sangria.

There was midnight swimming by a couple of the guys in the mountain fed lake. Then a lake shower in the morning. Crazies.
I'm glad I decided to fend for myself in the food department. We wouldn't have starved by any means, there was a grocery store a couple miles away, but that's not camping. I think I impressed some people with my creative camp cooking skills. Such as, Wire coat hanger + tin foil = pizza pan and totally perfect camp pizza! Also, cinnamon sugar dough boys were a hit. The second night we were treated to a pretty awesome spread of chicken, beef and pepper skewers cooked over the campfire.

That night also was very very cold. Apparently drinking does keep you warmer, or so it would seem. As I was the only one not drinking and the only one wearing; a thermal, t-shirt, hoodie, coat, gortex shell, beenie, all three hoods up, jeans, running pants, snowboarding socks, and boots, and i was still cold. Luckily i was tired so i fell asleep quickly.

As the cooking was dying down we heard rustling behind us and we see a very adorable little raccoon. Assuming he has friends we made sure to secure food and coolers inside one of the tents. All, except for a bag of forgotten peanuts. Which the morning chipmunks hijacked.

The last morning started off fairly sunny. We were all getting ready to make a collaborative breakfast when, GUSH!!! The freaking sky started falling and our campsites all flooded. It was a mad wet dash to pack up (break down and stuff tents into trunks), and escape to cars. We obviously forwent breakfast and all tromped soaking wet into a diner for lunch. After that we disbanded and went home to dry off and warm up. I have a lot of stuff to dry out when the sun comes back out.

OH! I almost forgot. One of the other couples had a special way of making s'more which came to be known as "sex on a gram cracker"! Ooohhh tastey! Instead of hershey's chocolate they brought some triple chocolate somethin' somethin' frosting. That, with the melted marshmallow. YUMMY!

Well, those are my highlights. Sorry no pictures, it was mostly guys being guys, though if come across some pics that others took I'll post them. Monkey may have his own highlights to share in another post. Next weekend - to another lake!

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