Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lake Cushman!

We got off to a rough start. Our division got out of work about an hour or more after I had expected. We were in a trainer where i couldn't have my cell phone so I couldn't let Ducky know. As soon as we got out i sent her a text telling her to delay, i wanted to get there before her or at least around the same time.

I took off with a buddy in my division. It was a nice ride all in all. I got confused a little, GPS took me around Shelton for some reason, kinda disoriented me. The road up there was really curvy and fun to drive on, I might of had more fun with it if not for it being wet. ...I mean... i would never drive crazy on a fun curvy road... ever....

ANAV's (Assistant Navigator) fiance was very interested in my gluten intolerance... we were watching out for it the whole weekend and she kept asking questions about it. I had to make Elephant Ears with corn tortillas... and even though I'm not a big fan of corn tortillas... they taste fine when you fry them with butter, Cinnamon and sugar! MMMMM!

I also discovered Sangria! I think wine might be my poison. I will also use this opportunity to dub one of my shipmate's with a name so that i may mention him here freely. I shall call him DiddyKong. DiddyKong has been very very helpful and probably my best buddy through the process on HMJ. I should be getting qualified early and as much i would like to think its all my own hard work, I owe a lot of it to DiddyKong being a damned good shipmate and taking me with him every time he goes to learn a qualification.

I call him DiddyKong because he makes sounds like Diddy Kong in DK 64. Its fitting. Anyways!!! He brought a gallon jug of sangria to Lake Cushman and we all took part in demolishing it. It was fantastic, and the bottle he had was cheap. So I cannot complain.

So... I had cracker-free smores... since i cant have grahm crackers... which im okay with because i never liked grahm crackers anyways.

All in all it was a dandy good time. ANAV also gave me some words of encouragement that meant a lot to me. Said he was glad that someone mature like me was in the division. Even though I'm not the only one.

Most of it was campfire, marshmallows... and chatting which was fun. Also Ducky suggling up in like 18 layers of clothing, including my gortex NWU jacket which is crazy expensive.

"WHINE!" was said a lot with an outrageous french accent. Quite hilarious.

Trying to think of some specifics... but none really come to mind atm! I can elaborate in comments if needed!

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  1. I am so glad you are making friend and having fun. I wish you would choose a healthy poison though, maybe one that doesnt include alcohol??? Yeah I know, too much to ask lol. Next time I think you should bring a video camera so you can tape your outrageous adventures and give us fuel to make fun of you with. Love you.