Thursday, November 17, 2011

Help a Special Education class - Postcard Project

I am passing along this request from a friend who posted on facebook. I know that I have many lovely readers from all over the world and am hoping you will help! I think this is a very cool and fun project.
Below is a request from the special education teacher at Caldwell Highschool in Caldwell, ID.

"I am a special education teacher at our local high school. I am going to start teaching a segment in geography and I am wondering if anyone would be kind enough to mail my classroom a postcard from the area in which you live. We are making a global map that will be attached to the cards mailed to my classroom. The class and I will discuss the information given on the postcard and the postcard picture Then it will be attached to the area on the map from which it came! I would love to receive as many postcards (from all over the world) as possible as my students enjoy receiving mail. Thank you in advance!"

Please address any post cards you send to the following address:

Caldwell High School
Room 137, Mrs. Castle
3401 S Indiana Ave.
Caldwell, ID 83605
Please comment below if you plan on sending a postcard!
Thank you all.


  1. What a fun idea. Are they hoping for states or more specific, like cities?

  2. OMG that sounds like such a neat project. I can definitely do that! Plus, that's where Mr. Facehead went to high school!

  3. what a great thing to do! If I can find a postcard during the winter season I definitely will send one from up here in Canada!

  4. I live in Portland OR let me know if I will be any help.
    And sorry it took me so long to get back at you. I have been so busy lately.. I need to get organized.
    You do web design as hobby or job?