Friday, November 25, 2011

It's time for Monkey Mail!

After being gone for over two weeks I FINALLY got email from him. I actually got a couple super short ones a couple days after he left but they were about three sentences long and just said that there wasn't much to report. Understandably. But after that there was nothing. Nothing for two weeks!!! I was starting to get really antsy. But the night before thanksgiving, three emails showed up in my inbox, and then two more trickled in this morning. yea! I feel so much better now.

Below are excerpts from those emails.  (The stuff is green are my notes, anything in Brackets is omitted or changed for various reasons)
12NOV11 6:47pm

Hey mrs beautiful!
[...]There is not much going on here. Just a lot of time cleaning and watching... I have spent a lot of time on the gaming LAN trying to get is set-up. There are a couple less computers we can email on than there were last patrol. I keep an eye out for them to be open. I got emails 1-3 today and it definitely felt good. I always imagine your voice and its very relieving.

 Im going to start doing quartermaster UIs (Under-instructions) next week. Im already Dinq (delinquent until qualified) on it technically. But I should be able to catch up anyways. Other than that...... yeah... not much... its a boring steel tube.

 I realized that i forgot my micro SD card in my other laptop - so i have no music. If you have the time and money and wanna hook your Monkey up with a micro-SD card on the next mail drop... :-D Any size is better than none, but as big as you can go; if possible.

 The diet is going well. Im having a really difficult time drinking water - im just not thirsty. I think its just the boat water.. Its nasty.

Anyhoozle love, I hope you had a good day with [my friend "V"], and a good weekend... I love you and miss you so much. Know that I am thinking about you, especially when i curl up in the blanket you made me.

Love you!

15NOV11 3:17am

Hey you! I miss your beautiful face! Every time I go to sleep and put that beanie on I think of how good that last weekend was. I can't wait to come back home to you. Things are boring, as usuall. I'm still dinq QMoW but I'm catching up. I'm doing my UIs in my three hours between watches. This patrol is kind of busy in the end and not a great one for qualifications unfortunately just because of when we are doing certain exams and what-not. Kinda sucks but I think i can get it done. There Isn't really a lot to talk about though - flying under the radar mostly, not picking on A-Gang.... yet. I miss you so much.


Anyways love, I miss you, think of you all the time.

17NOV11 7:15pm

Hey beautiful love! I finally got to read an email from you! Its been days.... I keep getting this grouping of 300 emails about sports updates that I didn't ask for and they fill up my box. I got 1-3 and 9 of your emails so I'm missing a few in the middle there, resend them if you can in case they don't make it through the radio clog.

Things are getting a little more hectic or busy whatever you wanna call it. Things like focused after-watch clean-ups and drills and the like.

Love you baby!

Saturday 19NOV11 6:33pm

Hey there beautiful love! I just got to read number 12. So i have now received 1-3, 9 & 12. (This is really frustrating that most of my emails have gone missing. I hope they get this fixed soon, I don't like having to resend them all) Still not much to talk about today is likely to be hectic, I'm taking a sec while i have it. I won a 1TB external hard drive in the field-day raffle today. I caught a little angst because i have 10TB on board already. [...]

I find myself often wondering what you are doing at the moment I am thinking it. I miss you so much. I want to squeeze you. I miss my little Ducky.


I'm working on Quartermaster but its coming slowly at best. All the easy things on the card have been signed off so whats left is the experience-earned and heavy-reading check-outs. I think I will be able to get it done, but i have to work on Periscope in tandem which is really difficult to get practice on.

Anyways Ducky! I look forward to reading the emails I'm missing! Hopefully you get all of mine.

Love you so much!

23NOV11 12:52am


Mrs. Ducky, tomorrow is thanksgiving. I wish i could be there with you,[...]  Please spend it with family/friends though, I got the notion that you had plans which i was glad to hear. [...]

I'm holding on to Quartermaster by the skin of my teeth. I am nowhere near ready to stand it and I'm almost done with my card. My computer distracts me a lot. Not the computer itself but someone always wants something off of it. [...]

anyways mrs Ducky! Please have a WONDERFUL thanks-giving. I will be giving thanks for my wonderful wife, whom I adore and love to pieces. I give thanks for that every day though. I never feel like its enough. I wish i could send you flowers right now. Not just because I am not with you for thanksgiving but because i just want to send my beautiful wife some flowers.

I love you, need to sleep.
*hugs and kisses*

So, there you go. I really hope they get his mail situation figured out. I make a point to write him at least once a day. So it's really frustrating that they just get lost and he doesn't hear from me. But I will keep on writing.

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  1. I finally heard from my husband too! I've written almost every day and he said he is missing about 10 of them from in the middle. Guess I have to re-send some too!