Sunday, January 8, 2012

That's trick!

This weekend I finally started using my google offer for a new martial arts place. I'm not switching studios, this place is just super close and I wanted to check it out. In a perfect world I would go to both. Because the one I'm at now has three hours of classes I can take every night, plus Capoeira. But this new place is a lot closer and has some different weekend classes. I wish I would have started sooner because I don't think I'll be able to take full advantage of it before Monkey gets back. However, that being said, it was really fun! For whatever reason, I had a TON of energy yesterday. I should have called a day earlier because I wasn't able to get in for the Jiu Jitsu class. But, I was able to get in for their adult mixed martial arts class and then the kickboxing class. Then today... TODAY!!!.... was "tricking" class! It's all the fun areal showy stuff. We learned butterfly kicks and started to get into butterfly twists. I kind of have the kicks but my attempts at the twists ended in my landing on my arse a few dozen time. On mats though. I'm super excited to go again next week!!! I'm going to bring a couple of my capo friends. I also want to get Monkey's little brother to try it out. I know he would have a blast.

For your reference here's what the kicks and twists look like.
I'm sure my kick does not look like that, yet. :) And my twist most definitely does not look like that. Right now it more like flail and flop.I haven't even come close to landing it. Just falling hard on the mats. But hey, not bad for day one. Excited to see where it goes.

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  1. I love that you do martial arts. I plan on getting my daughter in dance and martial arts when she gets a bit older. Too cool.