Wednesday, July 14, 2010


That's the sound of life coming to a screeching halt...

House search - On hold
Anniversary plans - on hold
Time together - minimal

All stops and waits for the Navy. His deployment has been moved up. So there isn't time to make any decisions on the house front, we won't be able to spend our anniversary together and he doesn't have any full weekends off before he leaves. And possibly he will only have one more day back home.

I am finding that my semper-gumby attitude it waning lately. And positive aspirations about being tough and independent are getting harder to maintain. I hate being a whiner. I know I am not the only one affected by these things. I'm just getting frustrated with all the ups and downs. I need to find the silver linings. He (should) still be home for the holidays. We'll actually be in a better place to get a house later on anyway. (Even though i am in love with the awesomely priced one we found over the weekend.) Uh... yeah that's all i got right now. Guess I'll have to work on that list.

That's all. Just venting i guess. I've been cranky the last couple of days anyway. Maybe next week I'll be in a better mood about it all. Or, something.


  1. Im sorry, that sucks. I guess the silver lining could be that he isnt in GA.

  2. Yes, this is true. He is not in GA! So when he gets "home" he can come home. Well, there's actually an 'if' to that too... but we'll tackle that little issue later.