Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good 'ol Navy Blues

So, there is a lot for this entry, unfortunately the story portion will be a little cut short because its been a while and i cannot remember all of them very well. I have been super super busy since i got back from my underway with the Nebraska. I came back early and for quite a silly reason - which cannot be discussed.

I have been "cranking" the past three weeks which is to say the least... poopy. Let me start by saying that i love the CS (Culinary Specialist or "Cook") division dearly, they are very under appreciated (everyone only complains about the food, and its difficult to please 160 people). However, they have a couple strikes against them... the lower ranking ones are stupid and lazy.

I dont hate it as much as many people warned me i would... but keep in mind, the average CS as 1/3 the asvab score that i do and they like to treat everyone like they are stupid. The reason for this is that almost every other rate advances faster than they do, so when you are "cranking" its the one time they can give you a hard time and not take repercussions for it. Note: I outrank all but 3 of the CS division, and many of them have been there for 4+ years.

Anyways! I spend 8-16 hours a day doing dishes, with no breaks except for eating during which time i wolf my food so i can get back to it, and the occasional "I cannot hold it anymore, I'm dancing in my boots" bathroom break. H0wever, I have received several comments or compliments on the fact that i maintain high spirits.

I constantly refer to myself as "FSA (food service attendant) Extraordinaire". People seem to get a kick out of it. Its ever written on my hat. I stand at the galley entrance when all the dishes are done and with a very very absurdly almost south park, Asian demeanor ask people if they would like a "complimentary back rub while you transit from the line to your seat with your delicious meal". I have also been known to explain that "We are a full service facility offering foot rubs, facials, hugs and the best coffee on under the sea". I guess there are ways to have fun with it.

Anyways, we are getting underway soon, so its a lot of work for the whole boat. I'm just doing the dishes but my division is usually there later than I am because we own so much equipment that is under repair right now. So I guess that when i go back its gonna be more or less the same thing. Minus the dishes. The soap is obliterating my hands. My finger tips are the texture of a Miracle Cloth, and no - that's not an exaggeration.

Stories... Well... Kinda hard having been a month or so since i have been back.... I will recap as well as i can in a semi-kinda bullet point format...

- Ran full speed into a CO2 locker in the engine room while the boat was at a 20 degree up angle during a flooding drill. OUCH!

- Drill went down in my immediate area and i thought "Oh hey! Im not on watch, so i can watch this evolution and take notes... Now, if i were on watch, what would i be doing right now? Oh shit... I AM on watch!"

- Lost my qual-book to find that "Weems" had taped it the roof of Nav Center.

- Watched a silly a-ganger attempt to devour a table spoon of cinnamon. ROFL.

- Drove the boat for the first time during High-Speed Operations with the most irritating Diving officer behind me telling me what to do, under the contract that i wouldn't vary the ship's ordered course by more than 2 degrees. - NOT EASY. But I did it.

I think that's about it, I can elaborate on any of these at any time in person there is a lot more to most of them.

So anyhoozle... Not so much looking forward to this underway, we have a lot of trident fleet testing evolutions going on, which will make it more difficult to get qualified. I am determined to get it done this underway though so that i can get onto college in the next off-crew. Hooyah PACE courses.

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