Sunday, April 3, 2011

It is working?

So far my tactic has been to A. Stay busy, and B. Pretty much just ignore the fact that he's gone. After all, for most of the week it's not that different from when he's 'here' except that I don't get to see him on the web cam at night. But, that's easy to remedy. I just go to bed a little early, which isn't entirely a bad thing. It's the weekends that get me. When I have an entire day to myself and I can't really ignore the fact that I can't talk to him.

I made a point of having something to do every night this week so I just wasn't thinking about it. My bestie from way back and my favorite friend from muay thai went to Dosha yesterday for mani/pedis. Then my bestie and I went out salsa dancing. It was a lot of fun. I haven't been out salsa dancing since I quit my salsa team a couple months ago. I haven't even really salsa danced since then. But boy my toes are tired!!! The floor was really sticky which was annoying. It makes it really hard to turn. I'm sure I picked up all sorts of bad habits last night. 
It made me feel pretty good about my skills though, to have a couple different people ask me if I was an instructor somewhere. I also had one guy as me if I was Russian. Which I most definitely am not. I actually get asked that a lot. I guess I have a lot of eastern european features. Or so I've been told. Which is funny because I don't think any of my lineage is from Eastern Europe. (Mom, correct me on this if I'm wrong)

Anyway, so my point of all this is that after this weekend I was feeling really good. I felt like I was going to make it at least a couple weeks before the blahsies kicked in. As long as I kept a positive attitude. So, when I opted out of going to my friend's brother's place for breakfast, I didn't think anything of it. The second she walked out the door, I instantly regretted it. I was alone again, with nothing to keep my occupied, for the first time in days. All of a sudden it hit me. Maaan I miisss him!!!! Arg. 

So, I've moved my dance lesson to earlier so I can get some alternate human interaction. Then I'm off to my parent's house for some belated birthday dinner. Maybe, i'll eat myself in a sleepy stupor and I can come home and just crash into my bed. 

Also, I had my first major laundry accident. Some of my stuff is now tie-died blue. I have no idea what did it. And I actually think it was the laundry soap. It was the exact same color. I noticed that this load didn't have enough water for how much clothes were in it. I think the soap just sat on top and didn't wash out, then it went in the dryer and got set it. And it was only on like 4 things in the whole load. I tried to rewash them, but I think the trip through the dryer did them in. A couple things can't be saved, but two of them are white, so I'm trying to drown them in bleach right now. Golly, I guess I'll have to go shopping to replace those lost items. Darn. ;) Retail therapy, aye!!


  1. Sticky floors bother me too!! I'm thinking I really need to learn how to dance because it looks and sounds like so much fun (a necessary distraction too!) I'm glad you had a good time with your bestie :-)

  2. i have to laugh a little because i had my first "laundry accident" the night my husband left. he was in a rush to get to the airport and asked me to wash his clothes. big mistake: i threw his white shirt in with his dark blue jeans. now he has a lovely light blue shirt! sounds like we're both domestic goddesses ;)

  3. I hate when it hits you! I lasted exactly 2 days this time:)

  4. It sounds like you're staying busy so that's a good thing! Hang in there and keep smiling. :)

  5. I hate laundry accidents! But shopping is always helpful to make me feel better. I got a new pair of shoes this week and they are starting to take over the Soldier's side of the closet. Not sure where his stuff will go when he gets home!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!