Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monkey Mail - and ideas wanted.

Before I commence with Monkey Mail, I need to ask for your help. My next post will be my 200th post! And I want to make it something special. So, what are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas to make it something, cool/different/informative/creative, etc.....

Now, on with Monkey Mail:

18 April

Hey beautiful! I just got a few emails from you at one time, Don't have much time to write because due to an inspection i need to grab all the sleep that i can. I put a picture of you on my cell phone background, one in your little blue skirt, so freaking cute. just reminds me how beautiful you are and how much i miss you every time i check the time. I have to use my cell phone for time since i forgot my watch this underway.

Im really glad that you  had fun with the seminar and that you got to meet and talk to some cool people. Makes me happy to know that you are doing well. Miss you so much.

I would write more but there just really isn't that much to talk about. The steel can doesn't offer THAT many stories that are well-told over emails.

I'm almost off the dinq list, i have one interview left, and i was supposed to have it already but it got canceled due to this inspection.

Miss you so much beautiful thing, cant wait to squeeze you.

Love you!

20 APR 11

I managed to lose both my cell phone chargers. which sucks because its also my mp3 player. I brought the ipod but im trying not to use it, on principal. We are doing refresher training right now which equates to a lot of drills, cleaning and very little sleep when ever you can grab some. I fell asleep on a motor generator today, it was warm. They are keeping the vent heaters low to prevent a fire so the boat is freaking freezing.

I kinda feel like i haven't gotten anything done in the past few weeks. Hard to believe we have been underway almost three weeks. Its a strange time-warp. [...] I can't complain about life right now too much though... save for this training. I generally get a decent amount of sleep, sometimes more than that. The little maintenance i have been assigned with I am usually able to get done between watch. The guys who only stand 6 hours of watch tend to be the group that gets the maintenance - or so they say-.

Oh! about that 'stache! part of the pact we made was not to shave them until we got home, like home home. So....  You may get to see the terrible stache! I can't take myself seriously with this thing. Everytime i look in the mirror and see it its like... "You douche!"

[Sailor D] just glued a couple gummy bears to his nipples and showed me. Haha! "You can get gummy bears to stick to anything if you just lick 'em."

I have a headache and my wisdom teeth are coming in pretty hardcore because I never got to take care of them during off-crew. Been hurting the past couple days.

Anyways, sexy wife - I gotta get going, either gonna go run, or sleep - sleep is safer but i feel bad because i was good all day and just ate a bunch of abandoned gummy bears.... they needed my help.


21 APR

just have a minute, need to sleep - today was kinda... hell. not HELL but i mean, the whole boat was pretty beat from doing drills for like 10 hours straight and we had been doing stuff the night before as well so none of us had ample sleep. 5 Hour energys are amazing, My Rec committee bill when i get back is probably gonna be just over 100 dollars from the sweater, belt buckles and 5-hour-energys.
I feel i should stop complaining... There just isn't a point to it. But then again sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and its hard to think about anything else, but not so much underway - except for when we are piloting then its kinda like... "ugghhhhh". Just cause we have to stay up and do more, but we are not the only division who does that...

Oh! I found my cell phone charger... well one of them. Tomorrow I have another... 16 hours of watch I think. Blah. I'm sleepy. I woke up from a nap feeling like i had just done something bad...... like... yelled at someone.. i don't know or remember i was so out of it. The past few nights i try to go to sleep after midnight but i cant get to sleep for a couple hours so then i'm tired the next day.
Oh! I did a lot of troubleshooting today, i needed a lot of help from senior guys but i learned a lot.

I love you beautiful girl, miss you so much!


  1. YAY for sailor mail working:) Hope you keep getting lots of emails!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. How about "200 Reasons I Love Blogging?" Just kidding, I have no good suggestions. Although, you did inspire me to see how many posts I've done!

    Hooray for email!! It's always nice to hear from them, even if it's a this-deployment-sucks-and-I'm-beyond-tired email.