Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cannon Beach and the Big D.

So, we were in fact able to go to the beach. We weren't able to stay at the place we wanted to so we stayed at the ocean lodge instead. I highly recommend it!!! It was a beautiful building to start, we had an ocean front room and you could walk right out the back onto the beach.

We arrived a little before check-in so we doubled back to seaside for some window shopping and salt water taffy.

Sunday night we went to the market a got some wine (ok, arbor mist), and cheese. Tasty cheese! We sat on our Adirondack chair with our "wine" and cheese and watched the sunset. It was quite perfect.

Monday morning we headed out for more shopping in Cannon Beach. We picked up a couple souvenirs. Monkey bought my a very pretty ring with opal in it that will go with the necklace he got me for Christmas. :) The weekend had been mostly grey but no rain, thankfully. But of course, as soon as we decide we're done in Cannon Beach the sun comes out and it was beautiful! Oh well.

Of course this wonderful weekend ended up being very good timing. We just found out on Friday that he will be going on another boat as a rider. So he will be deploying much earlier than we were anticipating. :( I cannot give out specific dates, however this means that he will be missing our Harmony School performance, but he should be back in time for our anniversary. So, it was a good thing we had this weekend. And a wonderful weekend it was. It really was quite perfect.


  1. i love that you two get to enjoy some very nice time together :) and i enjoy your pictures

  2. Im so glad you guys had a great time. It still amazes me to see B sipping on wine all adult like lol. Love the pics. Oh and did I read that there was some salt water taffy that may have made it home with you?

  3. LOL, yes. There is a bag of salt water taffy with your name on it! B has it, though. If he gets to come down this weekend he will bring it with him.