Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What the Frock!

Ups and downs the week, whew! It's been crazy already.

Weekend and the lake was great! I wish we would have been able to come up Friday instead of Saturday night and have another day, but I had ballerina duties that I couldn't miss two weeks in a row. It was a really cool setup, awesome view, and everything was run off of solar power. Even the toilet. :) Well, the pump that refilled the toilet. So every time someone flushed there was about 45 seconds of wall shaking humming (at least in our room). I came to dub it "the dragon", as in - if you flush at night you'll wake the dragon. It was more amusing than anything else, but did make for a great alarm clock. We had a chance to play around on some ATV's, once we got them running. We were disappointed that there wasn't really anyplace to go really mess around on them. Then on the way out, down the one road we didn't take, we found at least two ATV tracks/trails. Oh, well. Next time. Also, I have to give "Pop" props on the steak. I devoured mine, and stole part of Monkey's. We were supposed to have a bon fire the last night but it was a little too drizzly, so we watched Zombie Land, Alien vs Predator, and Office Space (none of which I had *gasp* ever seen) while we made s'mores in the wood stove. Equally tasty, though!

On the drama flip side, his week started off with him discovering that his email account(s) had been hacked. We quickly took his email off of the blog, and changed all his passwords. He was eventually able to regain control of his email account but everything has already been wiped out. All his contacts, and saved emails and information. He's not sure if it was a key logger on his computer that came with something he downloaded or if they got in through another means. Either way it seems to be sorted out now. Hopefully.

He also ended up losing his check-in sheet that he was nearly finished with. But he got that worked out too.

Now back to the happy. He got frocked this week and gets to "wear his crows". Which means he gets to wear all his shiny new petty officer patches and collar devices now. :D

Lastly, he just found out that this coming Monday is a holiday for him, so work permitting we are going to try use our giftcard to the beach! I don't even care if it's raining. It's a really cool chalet and I would totally be ok with being "stuck" inside the whole time.

Well, that's that. A couple more days to go this week. We'll see how it all pans out.

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  1. Have fun this weekend if you two manage to get away:) All I have to say is why isnt B wearing a helmet:( Bad Monkey!!!