Monday, June 14, 2010

Ok, here we go...

Can't sleep, and so i shall blog. Forgive the typos, i'm using my ipod.

So we are briefly into the first week of our first deployment. I have to say that while i miss him terribly and can not wait for him to come home, i am actually doing better than i thought i would. Perhaps i was more prepared mentally than i thought i was because we thought he would be deploying soon about three different times now. This one kind of snuck up on us though. None the less it's not as bad as i had anticipated. I say this now, but we'll see if that changes over the next couple weeks. I suspect it will. I think it also helps that i know this one is shorter. He's on another boat as a rider so he's only gone for a few weeks rather than a few months. So i guess it's like a little practice deployment for us. Also i am excited for him. He's been in school for a year and a half. He was getting really antzy to get to do his job. He is really excited to get on a boat and start kicking butt. He is determined to bust out his quals as fast as he can with an ultimate goal of qualifying quarter master faster than one typically would. I am so proud of him for how hard he is working and how much he puts into all of this.

I also underestimated how effective it is for me to keep occupied. Already i can see that this is going to be the key to getting through the long deployments. As long as i have things scheduled i have kinds of mini goals to break up my days. Makes things go much faster. I currently have two whole unclaimed days per week. This sunday i moped a little and slept till one before getting up to go to his little bros birthday party. I have to say it felt good to get out knowing i was doing something other than having a pitty party. Plus family is much more supportive than facebook. As it should be. Though i do appreciate those facebook friends who i did talk to who urged me to get my butt outside to the nice weather.
Oh so those two unclaimed days i was talking about. I think i may fill tham with yoga. I found a really cool yoga studio next to one of my dance studios. I think i'll just do drop in classes though. No more commitments for me. If i like it better than sleeping i will stick with it. If not i'll find something else to keep me occupied. Besides it will be more flexible this way. And when monkey is home i dont have to go. There is no way he would go with me. They are hot yoga classes and we all know how much he loves the heat. Haha.

Alright well i think i have just about blogged my thumbs off so i will let you get back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Oh p.s. If anyone is doing anything fun in the next few weeks and has room for a tag along ... Well ya know... I'm kinda... Available... Just sayin :)


  1. Katrina, I know it will be tough however I know you will get through it just fine. He will be here before no time. I hate it when John goes away for any amount of time. I just want to let you know whenever you are bored or want to just chat give me a call I am usually up for anything and Lyra and I would love to hang out more with you get to know each other more. I know that it may not be your first choice to hang with us but we do have fun together:)

    Take care and keep us posted~ Collette

  2. Thanks Collette. Actually, I Facebooked Lyra a couple days ago to see if you guys want to do something this Sunday. Just let me know.

  3. I think yoga is a great idea, even better if you could get B to do it, but yea, good luck.