Friday, June 25, 2010

Midnight phone call from a pier.

Last night about 10:30 I received a very unexpected phone call. It was Monkey! It was SO good to hear his voice!!! I thought that he was home early. But, turns out something (that he couldn't tell me but wasn't too bad) happened and they had to come into port last night. They didn't stay long though. They were right back out again.

We got to talk for about 2 and a half hours. Again, SO good to talk to him. Missing him SO much! He's doing awesome, gettin' his stuff done. His bag-o-bribes are working out nicely getting his quals done. He had a few more little stories to tell me, but I'll leave something for him to write about when he gets home. ;) He said he expects that with how much progress he's making he'll be able to get his dolphins on his first trip out on his boat. That's awesome!

He also said that with that out of the way he expects he'll be able to make a lot of progress on college courses while he's underway. Also very awesome. I'm so so proud of this guy and his determination to just kiss ass with what he's doing and where he wants to go. LOVE HIM!

The only bad report, besides being pretty tired, has been an ongoing debacle with his water bottle, or lack there of. Seems he forgot to bring one so he isn't able to keep hydrated very well between meals. He was finally able to procure one, and it ends up falling of his (top) rack and breaking.

Well, that's all I have time for. Back to work. He'll be home soon! I know we all can't wait.

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  1. Love it thanks for the update. Glad you both got to talk for a bit:) Bet that should be able to carry you through till he gets back to land.