Friday, September 10, 2010

Belated Monkey Mail

Yes he is already "home", but the Sailor Mail system sends with a bit of latency, so I just received this Monkey Mail this morning.

"HOOYAH! Why am I so happy? I lost my qual card today. I left it in Nav-Center (My division's space), Went to go eat and when I came back, it was gone. So this means that most likely - unless my card somehow managed to fall in the outboards - someone from my own division took it. The two on-coming watch-standers in Nav-Center happen to be the two that I don’t get along with very well. They swear they never saw it... but i doubt it. The scary thing is that quals have to be counted in the morning. So if I didn’t find my qual card and before then - I would go delinquent, and I don’t want that, I have been a hot-runner ever since I got here and I’m almost done.... I intend to maintain my position. So since I figured I’m not getting it back I went and had Doc make me a new one, we get along alright so he got it to me rather quickly. I then went and get a re-sign on every signature that I gained this week PLUS a block signature over the power plant! TAKE THAT LARCENOUS SWINE!!!! Attempt to kick me off the hot-runner's list has been thwarted - I shall prevail!

There are a couple people who are consistantly giving me a hard time. It was bothering me at first and now I am channeling it into my qualifications - and it's working very well.

Chipping away at it, I will need to work hard but I have no doubt that I will be finished before we turn the boat over. Probably a while before that. Thing is we will be in port soon and I will want to go home instead of working on quals after hours. At this point I'm so close though that they will probably schedule my board and force me to finish it quickly.


I had to call away my first fire today for a drill. I have never had to no-poop use a 4MC and call away a casualty. This time it was a drill, but it got my heart going pretty well, just since it was my first time... kinda sad in some ways - such a nub. Not for long!"


  1. Just keep kicking ass and taking names lol

  2. Lol, you are still such a rebel, but in a good way I guess. It is good you dont let people get to you because there will always be those people and the only thing you can change is how you react to them. I love you and miss you. Come visit soon.