Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And they're off...

Boom! Zip! Pow! They come in and just like 'that' they're gone again. It was great to be able to talk to him for a couple weeks and see him a couple times even if only for a few hours each. But, alas, back to sea they go. They left sometime this morning.

They'll be gone for a few weeks. Ya'll know the rules, I can't be specific.

But, even though this one is longer than before I have goals this time, so it will help to pass the time. As he mentioned in the post before this one, we will be getting an apartment soon. HUGELY excited about that! Phase one is to research and see what is in our price range and in the area I want to be in. Phase two, when it gets closer, is to go tour a handful of them and narrow it down to the top 3 or so. Then, when he gets back, we will go and make the final decision together. I'm basically trying to do most of the research while he's gone to we can most efficiently pick one when he gets back since he won't have a lot of time to go hunting around with me.

The last thing we heard about leave is that they will have a leave period around Christmas. Nothing official for Thanksgiving that I know of. Christmas isn't even ''official", but that's the most recent dates given for a leave period. I believe he's trying to get the full time off available so he can actually spend time with ya'll and settle into the apartment with me.

My second goal while he is gone is to get started on looking good in the new Salsa ConCoco costume. It's.. well... fringe and sparkles. So... no more junk food, and lots more sit ups. I'm not trying to get skinnier, necessarily. I'm just trying to more tone, which does also mean leaner. I've been working on it for about a week now. I have a picture of the costume taped up all over the place as incentive. So far it's working. I've got about 12 weeks to get there.

Back to the apartment... we have decided that this year for Christmas, we just want apartment stuff. We have nothing. We need dishes and silverware, and a coffee pot and a blender, towels, and pot holders, and all that stuff. Everything. We will basically be moving in with a bed and some of my stuff. I plan on getting a little TV right away so I can entertain myself with basic cable and exercise videos. Eventually we'll get a couch. We'll probably have to save up for one big purchase at a time. It'll be an adventure. I'm hardly ever home anyway. Just need food, shelter, a shower, and a bed. The rest, well... we'll get there.

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  1. Thanks for the update. It would be awesome if he gets leave for Christmas. THanks for the ideas for presents, but I am thinking some of that stuff will be hard to buy without knowing how you are going to decorate and what colors you like. Maybe you could register somewhere or send out pics of stuff you like? Just a thought.