Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm no robot!

So, life has been fun, sitting on the boat while they move missiles around. I realized its kinda ridiculous that i got out at 5pm and felt like i was leaving work before lunch. Been doing a lot of painting and maintenance on the boat... still working on qualifications - little slower in port.

Went to a "gun-shoot" since it had been more than a year since i had handled one i was not allowed to arm out for security. Scored a 225! Not sure what the max is, but I now get to put a little S on top of my small-arms ribbon because that score earns the title "Sharp-shooter". If I had 2 more points (the difference of a bullet hitting the torso vs. the leg) I would have and E for "Expert". ONE SHOT! Just ONE and i would be expert good lord.

Freakin Robo-radioman had a little android moment and shot a 230 having never touched a real weapon before. I KNEW HE WAS A ROBOT!!! "Targeting systems engaged. Commence fire of 2 rounds in 4 seconds". Freakin' robots....

Not a lot been happening really... Oh i just payed off a bill that I shouldnt owe money on because someone else messed it up. I wont have time to actually take care of it though so meh - off with its head. When you cancel a subscription to Verizon (even within the grace period) double check that it got canceled - Lesson Learned.

Super excited to get an apartment with Ducky this year. Not sure when yet, but the more i think about it the more excited i get to have a place with her. Even though i still wont be there very often.... LAN PARTIES!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! thats a side thought that i just realized!

Think i ruined my clutch, I over-revved the engine when headed up a hill from a dead stop. I tend to over rev a little when Im wearing my work boots. Poor car! Which is almost payed off! WHOOT!

Spend a lot of time thinkin' about my Ducky! Miss her so, hardly get to see her at the moment, i have been able to come down but only for a few hours - that's an expensive trip for not much time.

Anyhoozle! Miss you guys! Mom, Dad and Ducky - I got you all Henry M Jackson - Patrol 75 coins. Celebrating the ship's 75th patrol as the name implies.

The symbol on the coin for some reason reminds me of Battle Star Galactica... which is funny cause its hull number was BSG-75 *geek*

Thats all I got for now. I think... Love you all! Miss ya! Ducky and I get an apartment soon - party on! BOOYAH!

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  1. Hi sweetie. Thanks for posting. I miss you so much. Congrats on getting sharp shooter. I told Kare that all the video game playing paid off lol. Good job on almost having the car paid off too. I am so glad you are definitely making better decisions than I did when I was your age. Anyway, hurry home soon so we can see your smile and more importantly you can give me my Love you ~ Mom.