Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monkey Mail! - Kickin' butt and takin naps.

He's working his little monkey tail off. So proud of how hard he's working. I can't wait for him to come home and get a break and SLEEP! Poor guy!

"I had to sleep a bunch last night, i think i sent you an email but im honestly not sure... i cant remember. Things kinda run together a little bit. Studying as much as i can which is why my emails are kinda short, i just wanna get my fish and be done with it, the pace will slow down so much after that. Getting close, and thats what im at the computer for right now. I had to organize and update some books today, it was tedious and boring and reminded me of how much i hate clerical work. stupid boring stuff. Which is unfortunately what lies in the road on the way to Quartermaster so im having a bit of a change in heart over that - not enough to say one way or the other though. Still just gonna push to whatever.

Having fun competing with some people in my division, making them angry by not becoming openly angry. I enjoy it, their contempt fuels me to push harder. I could be watching a movie right now, being a hot-runner but im gonna study instead. I laugh cause people are like "Well im 100% ahead" and i will ask them how many points that is... and its funny because by their standards, i am 300% ahead. Booyah! take that. I am literally 6 months ahead of my intended time. I think im gonna do alright. Although i accidentally unplugged my buddy's air in a drill last night, first time doing that. It happens every now and then though."

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