Friday, October 1, 2010

Monkey Mail: Gettin' it done.

A surprisingly long email for the first one. :D I think that means he's slightly less exhausted than usual. It also sounds like he's getting really close to getting his fish. And, as always, continuing to kick booty!
"Hard to believe i have been underway a couple few days already. Think i left tuesday, now I can't even remember. I have been standing LAN-Tech. Kinda cool to stand a decent watch as something other than a UI(under instruction). People have noticed too, got a lot of surprised looks that i am qualified LAN-Tech being so junior. Working on Quals, but i only have one signature left of phase 4 now, and its a longer clock, after that it will get easier.

Had a really strange day today. Weird set of drills and i was a monitor, but something got goofed up so i never ended up having to do anything, so I was power-knapping waiting for something to happen and it never did so i pretty much got an "equalizer" as its called of sleep. that is to say like.... 6 hours. I think... time got so meshed up in there."

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