Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monkey Mail - FISH!

I have been waiting every so patiently to be able to make this post. He got his fish! Go Monkey! I'm so so proud of him. He has been working his tail off to get this done. Staying on the hot-runners list every single week he was on the boat. His goal was to do it on his first underway and he has. :D

I have been promised pictures. I will post them whenever the Navy gives him back to me.

Hopefully thing will be at least a little bit less stressful for him for the rest of this trip. He's been so stressed out and not getting much sleep. I hate it when he runs off of caffeine all the time.

Anyway, here's a bit from his email:

"Tuesday, 26-OCT-10, 1441

GREAT NEWS! I passed my board yesterday! I was super stressed out, but at about 1400 (2pm) I was running around gathering the board and stuff. I had roughly 35lbs of goodies for the board. MUAHAHA! The captain even came in and stole some while i was simulating my firefighting skills. I got an FFE (fire-fighter's ensemble), SCBA, routed a fire hose, and would have (if it were a real fire) been fighting it in just over 1/3 the required time. Not too shabby especially considering - i have never put an FFE on before. ROFLCOPTERS! (I tried to google ROFLCOPTERS, and couldn't find anything that explained it well. It's WoW geek stuff, haha)

I had four people on my board vis the normal three. It was about an hour and a half. Got three look-ups. One of which i wanted to slap myself for because i knew that i had known the answer at one point and i kind of knew what it was but i couldn't say it. The second was a history question and the third was to list the systems that the chill-water system cools. I could only remember two things it cooled at the time.

I turned my look-ups in and got all my board members to sign my card, then the Doc and CoB. The yeomen have it now so it can be routed to the XO and Captain. I should be getting pinned tonight. (Which was yesterday!)

Anyways Mrs. Beautiful!!! I love you and miss you so much!

Next couple days is gonna be crazy. Have a ship-wide examination, a day full of drills. Which i determined due to scheduling - I am gonna be on watch for. Which sucks cause of rigging.

Love you!"

Read more about being qualified submarines here.


  1. Congrats to him!! That's awesome that he got it done on his first underway!

  2. That is great, congrats to your Mr!! I understand the WoW stuff...yea I will admit it I am a geek! haha :)

  3. Congrats to your husband! Thats great! :)