Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The not so glamorous life of a salsa dancer.

Ok, so for all my new friends, in case you didn't know, amongst other things, I am a salsa dancer. I dance in a local salsa dance company called Salsa ConCoco. (The picture to the left is me but not from the dance company. It's from a competition. But you get the idea, just imagine more people and a different, cooler costume.)
When you think company salsa dancer, you might think: sexy costumes, spray tans, fringe, sparkles, fake eyelashes, a little bit of glitz and glamor, spins, smiles, fun...

Cut to last nights rehearsal. We are working on a new stunt. It's supposed to be really cool and slick. Right now... it's not. Right now, it kind of resembles, well, me... stomach first on my partners back, writhing around trying to stay on said partners back which two other people spin me in a circle while my poor partner has to hold up my dead weight with his back, and then I slide off the side and hit a super star pose to celebrate not dying. Over and over. Today, my left arm is tired, sore, pink, and swollen. Super sexy. :)

I'm sharing this, first, because my arm has been bugging me all day. But also, because I am amused at the thought of the above described sight. When we're all dressed up, yes, we are all sparkles and fringe and fake eyelashes. But then there's the hours of sweating, and falling, and grunting, and flailing, and general not so sexiness-ness. haha

I feel sometimes like i have this alter ego. Like Fight Club, but...Salsa Club. Haha. I go to work and sit at my desk and do my work. Then leave, like everyone else. But unlike everyone else I go to a studio, put on some 3 and a half inch high heels and get spun and flung and sweaty and bruised. Then the next day i go back to work, and sit at my desk, and do my work. No glitter, no sparkles, just a swollen arm and picture of the costume I have to wear in two months taped to my monitor to remind me that I really don't need that three o'clock snack.

I wish i could do it all the time. But, costumes are expensive, so I must work to pay for my habit.

Just for fun, here's a little video of me and hubs dancing last newyears after the performance. So i've already changed back to normal person clothes. Nothing spectacular. But I really love dancing with him. After all, that's how we met. :)
(Sorry, It's so dark, YouTube does that)


  1. Love it! Looks like you and your hubby have lots of fun. Wish I could get mine to dance... LOL

  2. My SIL used to do Salsa a lot when she was in college and she LOVED it. :) I can see how it would be addicting. But I have total "white girl" rhythm...I'm lucky if I can clap on-beat! :)