Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monkey Mail - "OMFG"

:( Poor Monkey! Just got an email from him. It was about two sentences. The subject was "omfg... hell"!
 "This SUCKS!

SSM inventory = biggest bone-job on the boat. and I have my board tomorrow. Haven't had time to study because the SSM thing takes priority so im sneaking it in where i can. Dont have much time.

Wish i could write more, no time.


It's a huge bummer that he's not getting time to study for his board. He's been working so so hard on getting there, and wanted to kick butt on it. But, he's not getting to give it the time it deserves. :( 

Well, good luck Hon! Sending kick-ass vibes your way!


  1. Oh this totally sucks. So, does it mean he has already taken his boards, how long does it take to get the email to you? I am sure he will do good anyway.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for him!