Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monkey Mail - Priorities

SO nice to be getting emails "regularly" again. And by that I mean every few days. But, that's waaaayyyy better than being two weeks apart! 

He's getting closer and closer to his fish! That is, if they give him enough time to study. :/ 
Here's pieces of his last email:

"Hey beautiful
Counting down the days, getting closer, and I have more and more to do plus the ship has a big “test” so-to-speak right before we pull in. I am trying to juggle between my collateral duty and my studying… and its sucks already. This thing is not going to be easy and it’s taking away from my study time for my board which worries me. My board is in two days now and I just spent 6 hours working on this cataloging business and I’m maybe 20% done. It has to be done as soon as possible because it is a turn over item with the boat. Meaning that we cannot hand the boat to the other crew until this is done.

I keep telling myself to just “be amazing” and kick the ass off of everything in front of me. WABAM!!!

Haven’t slept yet, started taking the caffeine pills again (I hate it when he does this) because with all this [stuff] I don’t have time for much sleep. I am going to finish some look ups for my last check out, take a quick shower and get a couple hours of sleep before going on watch again. I have the mid-watch this time which sucks because I have a bunch of mid-night routines to do.

Okay --- now that I have vented my frustrations about the situation…. I am going to go continue my ass whoopin’ of all this stuff. By frustrations I mean the boat stuff. Also I just (30 seconds ago, as Doc walked passed) discovered that my board has actually NOT been scheduled yet… this is either good or bad and I can’t decide which. Anyhoozle…

Love you, miss you!"


  1. Awesome. I hate it when he takes those dang things too. But he is 'amazing' so at least he wont have to work hard at being that..:)

  2. Too cute :) I hate that he is so stressed out and busy though! I hope everything goes well for him!