Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monkey Mail: movin right along

Yay, another Monkey mail! However, he says that it may be the last one for a while. They won't be able to send emails for a bit. I don't know how long that is. He said he will keep writing so I may be getting a flood of them all at once. I'll post the highlights.

He must have been writing really fast on this one. I had to fix a lot of words so they were readable. :)

"Much more relaxed now that squadron is gone. People aren't as stressed out. I have been working on some watches and my fish. Focus is a little more spread right now because it has to be. BUT! I got the last signature in phase 4 last night before watch! So now im on the last phase which is walk-throughs. And the advanced DC exam. Then Board, i think it will be a couple weeks but im pretty excited. Once i get that and battery charger qualified i can finish up armed watch-stander, Reaction force, POoD and Sentry... then im pretty much in the clear on qual stress.... maybe not though - then they will make me do fathometer, radar and quartermaster type stuff probably.

Had a super crazy day the other day, we surfaced for a few hours while i was on watch so I had a bunch of rigs to do that i had never done by myself. Chief and ET1 were pretty happy with how i did through that. Secured one of the harder sections on my walk throughs, so that will be a breeze."
I'm really excited that he's getting so close to getting his fish. He's neck and neck with another guy who's been on the boat longer.

I'll have to find things to post about in the mean time since it will be a while before we get our next Monkey Mail. Suggestions?

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  1. I think it would be cool if you could post here, or at FB what apartments you are looking at in general? So we can sorta... window shop with you. :)