Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apartment hunting and salsa

This has been my second weekend of apartment hunting. All by myself. Last weekend was pretty depressing. I started at all the "affordable" place. They were all either, smelly, scary, or ugly. I was feeling pretty defeated by the time I got home. This weekend. I went to the places that were at the higher end of our budget. WAY better. Just $50 in rent makes a huge difference. Well, also about 5 miles further from Portland. I have to resign myself to the fact that I will not be able to live in the area that I want unless I want to live in a stinky ugly place. The places that I like are juuuuust out of our price range. So further towards Beaverton I went. And the places were much much nicer for almost the same price. My favorite one we would only be able to do if we somehow got in on deal. 
I'm trying not to fall in love with any one place because I still have to take Monkey around to the top few and let him help decide. 

Then I came home and ate a huge slice of pizza dripping with orange grease, followed with a much to large bowl of ice cream. Hey at least I chose vanilla instead of moose tracks. But it's ok. Because I'll burn it off at the new salsa club I'm going to tonight! Yay! 

Typically, I never go out dancing on Saturday nights. I'm usually so danced-out by the end of the week I could care less. Plus, the dancing starts so late that by the time I'm supposed to leave I'm getting sleepy. Also, I hate driving a parking downtown, and I hate going places alone.... blah blah excuses excuses.
But, there is a brand spankin' new salsa club opening tonight. Not just a club that has a salsa night. A salsa club! Brand new floors, largest floor in Portland, two levels (only one if for dancin), VIP lounge.. There are a couple other places around but one is super divey and the other is always too full and there are tables at the edge of the floor and it's just not my favorite place. I'm really excited about checking out this new place. The doors open at 8 so if I leave at 7:30 that's super early and I won't be so tired. The only downside is that the cover is $13. It's because there is a live band but still. I think it's $10 on a regular night. Most expensive place, i think. Anyway, I'm excited. I gotta go figure out what I'm going to wear.

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  1. We are starting the search for apartments. It's kind of hard though because it is all happening extremely fast! We will do it though! :) I hope you can get one you want!