Friday, October 29, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in

And that means it is time again for the MilSpouse Friday Fill-in over at Wife of a Sailor.
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  1. What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
    When I was going to college I had to take the MAX lightrail to school everyday. One day there was a problem on the line and the max was stopping half way to where I needed to get off. I was going to be late for work. The woman next to me was nice enough to not only let me borrow her cell phone to call work, she gave me a ride to my station so I could get to my car and be on time.
  2. If you are having a hard time going to sleep, what do you do to help yourself?
    I'm not very good at getting myself to sleep when I can't. Sometimes I'll just lay there and play games on my ipod touch. Staring at the tiny screen in the dark makes my eyes get tired. Sometimes that's enough. Or, if I can't sleep because my mind won't shut off, I'll get up and write down whatever is on my mind so I don't have to worry about remembering it anymore.

  3. Name something that makes you wish you were a kid again.
    Finding out that I have a touch of ADD. I wish i could go back and study a little harder, and spend a little more time on my homework. Also, i just miss not having so much drama and responsibility. My job was to go learn stuff and run around. That sounds fun.

  4. What is something you never believed until you experienced it?
    I always thought that love songs were exaggerated. I didn't ever think that real love would be that powerful. Until I found it. Now all those love songs, almost seem inadequate in expressing how I feel!

  5. What can’t you say “no” to?
    Albertson's cookies! Oh, and Redvines. Or, Caramel. Or... yeah... i like sweets.


  1. Either I pass out or I lay there usually because of snoring or the noisy neighbors upstairs that I swear are vampires.

    I think I have a touch of ADD as well and possibly Evie too. And it would be nice to have known that while in school and to have learned how to handle it a little better.

    Couldn't agree with you more on the love songs.

    Sweets are my weakness too and my fluffy belly shows it.

  2. I hate it when I lay in my bed WIDE awake and can't go to sleep! I play on my Iphone!

  3. I totally play on my driod when I can't sleep too, solitaire or the bubble popping game usually make me so tired that I can't hold my eyes open any more.

  4. Hey!! I deleted your post from this morning...go on and post a new one!! :-)

  5. I play on my iTouch when I can't sleep too!!! addicting!!

  6. If I can't sleep I usually get on my laptop. I wish I had an iTouch so I could play games and not get out of bed!