Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monkey Mail::Finally!

Oh my goodness! FINALLY! It's been just shy of two weeks since I'd heart anything from him last. I didn't even realize it until I checked the date of his last email. I guess i was being more patient than i thought. But it was really driving me crazy, I really wanted to know what was going on. To just read his words and imagine his voice in my head. And I wanted to know if he'd gotten his fish yet! He hasn't. But he's very very close. I received three emails from him a little bit ago. I'll put pieces of them below. I think there was at least one other but it didn't make it through. He talked about it in another email, which is how I know it's missing. 

Here are pieces of two of the emails.

"Hey sweety. This will be delayed getting to you. But its the 9th of october, about 6 am right now. Not much to say really, its kind of the same thing over and over and over again. Still working on quals...  Have just 12 signatures left.

Looking forward to our plans when i get back. Im the sound silencing PO for refit assist which i found out afterward is a pretty sweet gig. I didnt know that when i volunteered though.

About to start clean-up. We had field day today then had to do after watch clean up not half an hour after. Swept for half an hour and came up with.... not much.
My beautiful Ducky

12OCT10 - 10:14AM
Grrrr I miss you so freakin much! 5 signatures away now. Kinda chillin'.

We are out of energy drinks from the rec committee. hehehe. I have some... they are gold now. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep my phone on me more often now because it’s got your pictures on it. [Sailor E] keeps trying to get my board scheduled early cause that’s what happened to him.

I’m waiting for taco Tuesday before I go to sleep, I shouldn’t eat before I sleep but Taco Tuesdays are AMAMAMAZING. I don’t care what anyone says.

Think I mentioned before that I nailed a pretty sweet gig for refit. I can’t see what my sent emails were because of our email system. like... I don’t have a "sent" box.  So I don’t know what I have updated you on all the time.

So many things to qualify --- BCEF still... then all the other Quartermaster/ Conventional Navigation stuff. This honestly doesn’t make much sense to me. You know how I like to work in patterns and rhythms. When I find the reason and the system I can do so much with it. But Rules of the Road are like.... a ton of random rules with no discernible pattern. It’s annoying."


  1. Oh I am so glad to finally hear from him. Awesome that he only needs 5 more sigs. He sounds good. I think it is so cute that you accidently said heart instead of So sweet that he keeps his phone on to see pics.

  2. Oh yay! I know how happy it is to get emails, especially after a long break. A tip to help keep track of them and know what order they were written in and if you missed any -- ask him to number them. I would let my husband know if any numbers were missing and he'd just resend them. I always number mine to him too :)

  3. this is just great to have to keep in touch (somewhat, anyway)with my mickey, monkey. thank you, both! i'm not sure B sees these comments - if not, tell him I (we-all here, actually))are missing him muchly - and when he gets back here, we have some organic non-gluten jerky for him (and I'll make him some sushi)- AND, ask him to at least CALL HIS MOM when he gets in town, so she can at least hear his voice - i'll try to get her to promise not to harangue him too much for his limited time here and your limited time together (although, I too am finding it hard to go this long without seeing him - even if just for an hour or so) - you're just a 'peach', Kat - and you're both just an awe-sum! love, g-ma-g